AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

The ultimate minfree manager

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AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

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AutoKiller Memory Optimizer is designed to fine-tune android system's inner memory manager routines to keep your device fast and smooth. It also features a full-powered process manager which lets you control your whole system. If you want to know what it does and how it works you shall read about details, process manager and check the faq.


  • process manager
  • settings reapply on boot
  • alternate preset while screen is turned off (donator only feature)
  • simple/advanced mode
  • presets
  • shortcuts to presets
  • pages/mb views
  • statistics

"Perfect on a rooted Nexus ! Works well and great widgets !"

"Makes my cyanogen modded G1 fly."

"Saweeeeeet, makes my hero scream like a Jason Vorhees victim.."

"Excellent! Why bother with a manual select task killer when this does it better."
--Super Jamie

Winner of application of the year award -- (iPhone vs Android contest by Nav N Go)

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